June 20, 2024

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Empowering travel businesses with unlimited analytics: the warehouse-native approach

Fruzsina Peti

The travel industry is all about customer behavior. Success depends on it. However, legacy analytics tools are proving to be a bottleneck. Struggling with massive data sets, they inflate operational costs and hinder the ability to truly understand traveler patterns. This necessitates exploring next-generation solutions that efficiently analyze vast datasets and unlock the hidden potential.

The answer? Warehouse-native product analytics. 

The solution integrates directly with the existing data warehouse infrastructure, allowing it to access and process data where it is and removing the need to duplicate data. Companies can now handle large datasets more efficiently and affordably. This lets their analytics capabilities grow with their user base without breaking the bank.

They also greatly cut the need for custom queries, allowing the team members to focus on deriving insights rather than technical aspects.

This unified view empowers travel companies to unlock the true potential of their data with faster, more profound analysis. It's not just a tech upgrade. It's a strategic shift that leads to a deeper understanding of travelers, personalized user experiences, and, ultimately, more revenue.

Why traditional analytics tools can’t keep up

Travel companies face a double-edged sword: they need advanced analytics to compete in a crowded market with thin profit margins. Traditional analytics tools struggle with the massive amount of data travel companies generate. This is especially true for data from anonymous searches, which are more challenging to monetize.

Here's why traditional tools fall short:

Cost explosion

As data volume grows, traditional tools become incredibly expensive, reaching five or six figures per month. Companies already have tight margins and strict CAC (Customer Acquisition Costs), making this a huge burden.

Cost comparison of traditional vs warehouse-native product analytics tools

Traditional product analytics approaches can be up to 20 times more expensive due to the need for data duplication and additional infrastructure costs. In contrast, warehouse-native solutions like Mitzu.io significantly reduce expenses by executing analytics directly within the existing data warehouse. This streamlined approach eliminates costly data replication, making it a more economical and scalable option for travel companies.

Data silos

Information gets locked in different systems, making collaboration between product and marketing teams challenging. Teams must invest extra work and communication to extract basic analytics requested by other departments, creating a huge overhead and further increasing expenses.

Overall, data operations are costly. They require heavy investment from travel apps and booking tools. This is true for both the cost of tools and human resources. Travel companies need a solution that unlocks the power of their data without straining budgets and hindering collaboration.

Outsmart the data struggle with warehouse-native analytics

Why travel apps go warehouse-native

Travel companies are increasingly adopting warehouse-native product analytics solutions due to several compelling benefits, which allow them to overcome the high costs and data silos. 

Here’s a closer look at why this approach is becoming the preferred choice:

Smooth integration with various data sources

Warehouse-native solutions seamlessly integrate with existing data warehouses and various data sources. They offer a holistic view of user behavior. Forget wrestling with custom SQL queries to access data scattered across different systems. Everything gets pulled directly from the existing data warehouse, consolidating all analytics functions within one,  user-friendly tool. 

Warehouse-native solutions enable real-time data processing and faster analytics results, paired with flexibility and scalability. This increased speed means quicker decision-making. It lets you respond rapidly to market shifts and user needs, propelling your business forward with improved efficiency.

Cost-efficiency with large datasets

One of the most significant game-changers in travel industry analytics is the cost-effectiveness and cost optimization of warehouse-native solutions. 

Unlike traditional tools that require copying and storing data in separate systems, warehouse-native solutions tap directly into your existing data warehouse. This eliminates the need for expensive data replication, which can balloon your analytics budget tenfold or even more.

Imagine a powerful query engine directly accessing your centralized data repository, eliminating the inefficiencies of traditional tools. This translates to unparalleled scalability alongside a growing business, ensuring teams can unlock deeper insights from an ever-expanding data lake. 

Also, warehouse-native solutions do not need extra data storage and maintenance, freeing up engineering resources for analysis and pipeline development.  

How Mitzu.io empowers travel businesses

Traditional analytics tools often charge per event and user. The costs rise as data volume grows.

Mitzu.io offers a huge advantage by offering unlimited events and users in the tool. This allows travel companies to scale their analytics efforts without incurring prohibitive costs. It leverages a warehouse-native approach, eliminating the need for expensive data replication and associated storage fees. 

We charge based on the number of seats your team requires, not the volume of data analyzed. This predictable pricing model fosters growth. You can use product analytics without unexpected budget constraints.

This approach translates to several key benefits:

  • Reduced operational costs: by directly accessing your existing data warehouse, Mitzu.io minimizes infrastructure expenses.

  • Improved team efficiency: engineering resources are freed from data-wrangling tasks, allowing them to focus on extracting valuable insights.

  • Unparalleled scalability: the warehouse-native architecture ensures seamless adaptation to growing data volumes.

  • Enhanced security: a direct data warehouse connection minimizes security vulnerabilities associated with data duplication.

Mitzu.io unlocks your travel data's true potential. It helps you to gain deep customer insights, which you can use to make data-driven choices and achieve lasting business growth.

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