Dashboards in Mitzu help organize charts by providing a centralized interface where multiple insights can be arranged and displayed together. This consolidation enables users to see trends, outliers, and patterns across various datasets at a glance.
Dashboards are customizable, allowing users to tailor the layout and content to meet specific needs or to highlight particular metrics that are most relevant to their goals.

Why dashboards in Mitzu?

Organize your work

Too many charts and visualizations can lead to a messy workspace and an incorrect understanding of your business.
Dashboards can help you collect relevant insights and keep the crucial learnings clean.

Share collected insights with colleagues

Sharing a single insight might not be enough. Sometimes, you need to tell a more comprehensive story. Sharing dashboards helps you and your colleagues to have the same understanding of the entire business.

Embeddable dashboards

Sharing dashboards is a very efficient way of sharing knowledge. However, information often must be shared with people outside your organization. This can be investors, external contractors, or even your customers. Embeddable dashboards are the solution for this use case.

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Organizing your dashboards

While creating dashboards from insights in Mitzu you will have the capability to reorganize and resize your insights. This way you can make sure the most important learnings are emphasized and kept at the top.

What is the most important insight about our users?

Which insights are viewed by my colleages the most often?

Try out an example:

Marketing dashboard

Example marketing dashboard

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Revenue dashboard

Example revenue dashboard

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Product dashboard

Example product dashboard

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Check out our videos about dashboards


In this video, we will showcase how to create dashboards in Mitzu.
Dashboards are a core concept in Mitzu that allows you to categorize your insights.

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