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With Mitzu warehouse native product analytics, the data teams can achieve productivity like never before. Unlock the potential of your data warehouse with SQL-based product analytics.

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Why should you care?

In-depth user behavior analysis

Your team supports the data and analytics needs of the business, spanning Product, Growth, Sales, and Customer Success.

Data accuracy and quality

Your team must deliver consistent results across business functions, especially as product-led growth has led to improved cross-functional alignment.

Unbeatable cost savings

Transferring data to 3rd party  tools or the cost of running  reverse ETL jobs can skyrocket. It rarely makes sense to store your data in multiple locations.

Solution for Data-Driven Companies

Understand your users within Seconds

Warehouse Native Product Analytics

  • Create user funnels, segmentation, retention reports, and more with a few clicks instead of spending hours on writing SQL queries.
  • Share your reports and dashboards within the organisation and tell inspiring data stories about your business.
  • Consistent results with other solutions that connect to you data warehouse. As the data source is the same as for your BI solutions.

Try out an example:

Daily active users

Number of unique users that were active for the last 30 days

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Total revenue generated

Revenue generated over time

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Unique visitors

Evolution of website traffic generated per campaign.

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Active users per license type

User activity over time per subscription type

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User sign ups per country

Total number unique users that did sign up to the application

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User sign ups over time

Sign up trends

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Unbeatable solution for all of your product analytics needs

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