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The Challenge

Insights buried in tables

Decisions are hard to make without being able to access the right insights.

Slow decision making

The data team can easily be overwhelmed by day to day questions that should be easy to answer.

Moving data is pricey

Moving data to external tools for analytics can get expensive.

Disjoint analytics

External analytics tools are a black box and learnings are often conflicting.

The Solution

Simple Product Analytics For Your Data Warehouse


Understand user funnels, segmentation, retention metrics, and more with a few clicks without SQL knowledge. Data is no longer a blackbox for decision makers. Don't make the bad calls due to inaccessible data.

All Your Insight In A Single Place

Single Source Of TRUTH

Mitzu is an analytics tool not just for product managers. Marketing, sales, customer success, and engineers can find value in the customer data as well. Don't miss out on the opportunity.

How It Works?

Connect your data warehouse

Have your raw or transformed product usage data in your data warehouse and connect Mitzu to it. It all takes less than 5 minutes.

Scan for events and properties

With a single click Mitzu scans your product usage data for events and properties. It automatically builds an event catalog for you.

Mitzu never copies your data.
Scanning is done purely in SQL with aggregations.

Start making better decisions faster

Start learning valuable insights with a few clicks only. No need to code SQL. Mitzu does the hard part for you!

Core Features

Understand users and trends

Simplest charts can tell the best stories.

  • Daily active users

  • Weekly engagment

  • New visitors

Gain insight about user conversions

Understanding users' journey is critical to make better business decisions.

  • Churn analytics

  • Conversion trends

  • Time to convert

Understand why are your users keep coming back

Not retaining users can destroy a business. Mitzu helps you understand what drives retention.

  • Overall user retention

  • Cohort retention

  • Unbounded retention

See what drives revenue in your business

Monitoring and understanding revenue is key to the success of your business.

  • ARR, MRR

  • Net Dollar Retention

  • Revenue Churn

Seemless integration with data warehouse solutions

Unbeatable solution for all of your analytics needs

Get started with Mitzu for free and power your teams with data