Simple, warehouse-native product analytics

Don't move your data! We bring product analytics to you.

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All product insights directly from your tables

Keep your Data, Move the Tool

Warehouse native product analytics enables you to understand the entire business with a simple and clear interface.
First-party usage data, 3rd-party data from services, or custom data models accessible in one place without SQL knowledge.

Unlimited events and users

Transparent Seat BASED PRICING

Traditional 3rd party, product analytics costs, can quickly escalate due to charging based on tracked users or events.
Warehouse native product analytics enables 90% savings. Purchase seats and analyize the unlimited events and monthly tracked users in your data warehouse.

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Secure user profiles

Don't compromise your Customer data

Don’t want to expose your customer information to 3rd party apps, or is it hard to keep them in sync?
Don’t worry, Mitzu got you covered! Single-click integration of user profile tables to Mitzu.

Core features

Simplest charts can tell the best stories.

  • Daily active users

  • Weekly engagment

  • New visitors

Understanding users' journey is critical to make better business decisions.

  • Churn analytics

  • Conversion trends

  • Time to convert

Not retaining users can destroy a business. Mitzu helps you understand what drives retention.

  • Overall user retention

  • Cohort retention

  • Unbounded retention

Monitoring and understanding revenue is key to the success of your business.

  • ARR, MRR

  • Net Dollar Retention

  • Revenue Churn

What our customers say about us

“Even though writing complex SQL queries is my happy place (don’t judge me, everyone needs a few weird hobbies), after a few weeks of using Mitzu I had to admit that it no longer made sense to start from scratch. For 90% of my analytics needs, I can get the answer with a few clicks and even when I need to go deeper, I can start with the query it generates for me — saving hours every week.”

Peter Gyöngyösi,
Group Product Manager

“We needed a tool to analyse data from our website and company operational database. Mitzu helped us analyse both data sources without compromising security.”

Akos Toth-Mate,

“Previously we used a tool that collected usage data from our website. We had many problems integrating it with other services we use for operations. Mitzu gives us insights directly from our data warehouse where all that is stored.”

Tamás Kocsis,
Director of Product Management

How it works?

Connect your data warehouse

Have your raw or transformed product usage data in your data warehouse and connect Mitzu to it. It all takes less than 5 minutes.

Scan for events and properties

With a single click Mitzu scans your product usage data for events and properties. It automatically builds an event catalog for you.

Mitzu never copies your data.
Scanning is done purely in SQL with aggregations.

Start making better decisions faster

Start learning valuable insights with a few clicks only. No need to code SQL. Mitzu does the hard part for you!

Integrate in 5 minutes
with top data warehouses

Battle tested with CDPs

Unbeatable solution for all of your analytics needs

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