User profiles & user lookup

Every user tells a unique story through interactions and behaviors within your products. Mitzu's "user profiles & user lookup" are a set of features that enable your customer success, sales, and product teams to understand the most valuable users of your product or service.

Why user profiles & user lookup?

Focus on a single users

Sometimes, finding key insights comes from diving into one individual's behavior. With the single-user focus mode, you can list events, see activity and frequency of usage for a unique individual. You can also list the user properties. The show events option gives you a timeline of events that happened at any given time for that individual.

Find users from insights

Finding critical insights from your data is more than chart visualization. Often, you must dig deeper and see the users who completed a funnel or belong to a segment.

Free text search for users

The most natural way of finding anything is by free-text search. The user lookup feature enables you to lookup your users on top of your data warehouse. Search for a company name or the email of your individual, and results should show up immediately.

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Improve sales by understanding
your ICP

Single profile focused analytics helps in understanding how the user interacts with the product or service, where they may face challenges. With this information, a salesperson can tailor their communications and recommendations to precisely meet the user's needs. Additionally, these insights can help identify upselling or cross-selling opportunities by suggesting products or services that align with the user's behavior, potentially increasing the overall value of the customer to the business.

Show users who performed certain actions

Show users that started a trial

See who converted in a funnel


Reduce churn by caring about individuals

Customer service team should analyze usage of a single user to deliver personalized support . By examining how an individual uses a product or service, including common pain points and features they frequently engage with, representatives can offer better advice. This tailored approach not only resolves issues more effectively but also demonstrates a commitment to understanding and meeting the user's specific needs. Additionally, insights from usage behavior can inform proactive outreach thus improving customer satisfaction and loyalty.

Search for users from an account or group

Search users who churned


Understand your power users

Product managers should understand individual users to refine and optimize product development. By understanding how power user interacts with various features, product managers can identify which aspects are most valued and which may require improvement. Insights gained from individual usage patterns can help in predicting trends and user behaviors, enabling product managers to innovate proactively and stay ahead of market demands. This ultimately contributes to a more competitive and successful product offering.

Visualize the profile of the user

See timeline of events

See trends of activity

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Search for users

Look up users with free text search.

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Focus on a single user

Focus on a single user and understand
their behaviour

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Show users in insight

Show users from insight.
Hover over the chart and click show users

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Warehouse-native product analytics

SQL based users profiles and user lookup

Mitzu's SQL generation engine creates optimal queries based on your application inputs. This way, you can be sure that you always see the most up-to-date data while we can keep your cost low.
Instead of copying your data, Mitzu automatically generates SQL code with every click you make on the application.

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