User segmentation is the practice of bucketing users into groups based on common properties.

Segmentation allows for better targeting based on user traits or behaviors so that each segment can be treated with a more customer-centric approach

Why segmentation?

Understand user engagement

Understanding user engagement with the product or service is critical to make good decisions. Insights that uncover the features you and your team need to invest more can make the necessary difference.

Categorize your users

Every user is different. Some are rarely active, some are casually returning visitors, some are your power users, and some see your product for the first time. You need to understand the needs of all of these categories. In our age, everybody expects a user experience without obstacles.

Build your user stories

Company-level strategic decisions are built bottom-up, piece by piece. User segmentation can be the smallest piece that can tell comprehensive stories influencing company-level decisions.

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Software as a service (SaaS)

User segmentation enables SaaS businesses to categorize their users based on specific characteristics, behaviors, or engagement levels. This targeted approach allows for more personalized marketing strategies and product development, leading to improved user satisfaction and retention. By understanding the distinct needs and preferences of different segments, companies can optimize their resources drive growth and increase revenue.

Most engaging features per subscription type

Weekly active users, monthly active users

User distribution along common properties


E-Commerce and marketplaces

For e-commerce businesses, user segmentation in product analytics is pivotal for crafting personalized shopping experiences and targeted marketing campaigns. By dividing customers into groups based on factors like purchase history, browsing behavior, and demographics, businesses can deliver more relevant content and recommendations. This not only enhances the customer experience but also boosts conversion rates and loyalty, driving overall sales growth.

Best performing campaigns last 4 weeks

Segment users by country code or city

How many push notifications are sent per day

Total revenue generated by visitors


Transactional business

In transactional businesses, user segmentation plays a crucial role in optimizing the customer journey and increasing the efficiency of transaction processes. By categorizing users based on transaction frequency, volume, and type, companies can tailor their communication, streamline service delivery, and offer targeted incentives or rewards. This maximizes profitability by focusing on the most valuable customer segments.

Number of users over time that has monthly payments

Total revenue over time per account type

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Daily active users

Number of unique users that were active for the last 30 days

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Total revenue generated

Revenue generated over time

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Unique visitors

Evolution of website traffic generated per campaign.

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Active users per license type

User activity over time per subscription type

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User sign ups per country

Total number unique users that did sign up to the application

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User sign ups over time

Sign up trends

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Warehouse-native product analytics

SQL based segmentation

Instead of copying your data, Mitzu automatically generates SQL code with every click you make on the application.

Mitzu's SQL generation engine creates optimal queries based on your application inputs. This way, you can be sure that you always see the most up-to-date data while we can keep your cost low.

Check out our videos about segmentation

Intro to Mitzu and basic segmentation

In this introduction video, we cover the basic user segmentation with Mitzu. We are showcasing how to select events, how to filter on properties, and how to do break-downs.

Segmentation Advanced - part 1

In this second introduction video, we dive deeper into advanced user segmentation. We will cover how to perform complex calculations within the segmentation feature.

Segmentation Advanced - part 2

This third introduction video will explore the possibilities for creating custom combined events. We will also cover how to filter for the first or last event performed by any user.

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