Grow your product with 360 view and faster decisions

With Mitzu warehouse native product analytics, you can enrich Product data with Marketing, Revenue and Operations data. Access all your data in the warehouse for a 360 view without ever writing a SQL.

  • Analyse your data within minutes

Why should you care?

In-depth user behavior analysis

Access granular, real-time product usage data. Unlock the full story behind every click, swipe, and interaction. Uncover patterns and trends as they happen. Elevate your product strategy with insights derived from complete, unsampled user data streams that reflect true user engagement.

Combine all relevant data for a 360 view

Leverage holistic analytics to reach your growth goals. Merge product data with insights from Marketing campaigns or subscription revenues. Combine events to get clarity around conversion rates, activation, LTV, or cohort retention, ensuring every decision is informed by a comprehensive understanding of your user base.

Unbeatable cost savings

No more event limitations due to data costs. Say goodbye to pricey 3rd party tools with Mitzu’s warehouse native solution. No more data duplication or reverse ETL charges. Analyze ALL your data without limits – no sampling needed.

Solution for Data-Driven Companies


Understanding the user journey with Mitzu

Mitzu offers robust product analytics that reveal deep insights into the full user journey. Our tools are designed to establish a solid foundation for product usage analytics, enabling you to understand channel performance and get to know your audience intimately.

Single Source Of TRUTH

Strategic Decision-Making and User Retention

With Mitzu, you can track key success metrics and align your product growth strategies with your business funnel. It facilitates audience tracking across various touchpoints, aiding in user retention and business growth through data-driven decisions.

Try out an example:

Daily active users

Number of unique users that were active for the last 30 days

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Total revenue generated

Revenue generated over time

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Unique visitors

Evolution of website traffic generated per campaign.

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Active users per license type

User activity over time per subscription type

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User sign ups per country

Total number unique users that did sign up to the application

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User sign ups over time

Sign up trends

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