Every user tells a unique story through their interactions and behaviours within your products. Mitzu's cohorts are groups of users defined by a chosen set of criteria, like a shared property or sequence of events. When you define a cohort, you can use it to group and filter data in the Analysis reports.


Focus on a specific subset of users

Segmenting your users based on shared properties is sufficient most of the time. However, some analytics flows require handpicking a set of users. This is where Mitzu cohorts shine, enabling your product, marketing, sales, and customer success teams to understand the specific subset of users.

Chaining user behaviour analysis

User segmentation is only sometimes enough to understand your product usage. Often, you need to deep-dive into the behavior of users who share a typical sequence of actions. Cohorts created from funnel insights will help you chain your user behavioral analytics. Select a set of users that have converted in a funnel and use that cohort as a filter in another funnel analytics insight.

Integration with CRMs

Your CRM is the single source of truth for your customer data. Mitzu integrates easily with data from CRMs by having a possibility to import and export cohorts as CSVs.

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Create cohort from insights

Mitzu offers a handful of ways to define user cohorts. The simplest is to select the users for cohort creation directly from the insights themselves. Choose active users on a given day or users who converted in a funnel and reuse them in a filter later.

Users converted to paying from our latest marketing campaign?

Export users from your CRM and upload a CSV for cohort creation.

Create a cohort of users that churned for futher investigation.


Filter with user cohorts

Applying a cohort filter in your user segmentations, funnels, or retentions will narrow down your learnings to the specific group of users. This will allow you to understand and make better decisions about that specific set of users.

How do users behave in a specific cohort.

How does anybody else behave, who is not part of a specific cohort.

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Defined cohort

Set of users that converted in a predefined funnel

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Revenue from specific cohort

Applying cohort filter in a revenue calculation

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Retention rate of a converted users

Measuring the retention rate of the converted users.

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Warehouse-native product analytics

SQL based cohorts

Mitzu's SQL generation engine creates optimal queries based on your application inputs. This way, you can be sure that you always see the most up-to-date data while we can keep your cost low.
Instead of copying your data, Mitzu automatically generates SQL code with every click you make on the application.

Check out our videos about cohorts

Cohorts and churn

In this video, we will explore how to create cohorts in Mitzu and how to use these cohorts in filters during analytics. Cohorts enable you to handpick a set of users for highly focused analytics.

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