Mitzu funnels allow you to examine how your users perform events in a sequence. You can calculate and display the number of users who convert from one event to another within a defined time window. This allows you to pinpoint where users drop off, what segments convert the most, and other important aspects of the user journey.

Why funnels?

Understand user drop-off

Mitzu funnel analytics feature set allows you to identify where the users drop off. By pinpointing the critical points in the product, you can make better decisions about your product roadmap and priorities.

Find best converting segments

Mitzu funnels work best with user segmentation. By segmenting the funnels based on user or event properties, you can understand why some users convert better than others.

Measure time to convert

The conversion rate of users is an important insight, but it is also essential to know how long it takes for the majority of users to convert. Don't miss out on optimizing for user conversion velocity.

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Marketing teams

By understanding the nuances of user behavior at each stage, marketing teams can optimize campaigns in real time, ensuring resources are focused where they have the greatest impact on growth and retention.

Signup rate per acquisition campaign

Visitor to meeting booked ratio

What is the distribution of my users across regions / devices etc? (property breakdown)


Product teams

Funnel analytics allows product teams to gain deep insights into how users interact with digital products, from initial discovery through to loyal usage. This approach allows these teams to make informed decisions which product features should be added, or which should be removed.

User interaction with features

First time experience to regular usage journeys

Identifying drop off points


Sales and customer success

Sales and customer success teams can harness funnel analytics to identify the most promising leads and opportunities, focusing their efforts on nurturing these prospects through personalized engagement and tailored solutions. By analyzing each stage of the customer journey, from initial interest to final purchase, these teams can fine-tune their strategies to remove bottlenecks, accelerate the sales cycle, and ultimately close more deals with a higher level of customer satisfaction.

Median time to convert to subscription

Understanding a user journey during trial

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Marketing conversion results

Conversion results from marketing campaigns.

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Revenue generated

One month conversion window, first touch attribution.

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Unique visitors

Evolution of website traffic generated per campaign.

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Churn rate over time

Evolution of the ratio of churning users over time.

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Visitors to sign ups

Conversion rate of visitors to sign ups per country.

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Median time to sign up

Median time to sign up from first visit.

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Warehouse-native product analytics

SQL based funnels

Instead of copying your data, Mitzu automatically generates SQL code with every click you make on the application.

Mitzu's SQL generation engine creates optimal queries based on your application inputs. This way, you can be sure that you always see the most up-to-date data while we can keep your cost low.

Check out our videos about funnels

Funnel Analysis

In this video, we will dive into the nits and bits of funnels with Mitzu. We will cover how to calculate conversion rates, see funnel trends, measure the average conversion time, and many more features.

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