User retention in Mitzu is designed to measure recurring user engagement over a specified period of time. Retention of your users is critical to achieving product-market fit and sustainable long-term growth. Retention insights will help you understand how "sticky" is your product, how likely users will come back over and over again to perform certain actions.

Why retention with Mitzu?

Maximize revenue from returning customers

User acquisition and activation are essential for every business. However, keeping your existing customers is equally important to achieve exponential growth. Without optimizing for user retention, your only source of revenue is from the newly acquired users. Acquiring users is an order of magnitude more challenging than keeping existing ones.

Understand product retention drivers

Each successful product will have features that make it sticky (in a good sense). Finding these features is critically important for your business. Mitzu retention analytics will help you identify the main drivers of your customer retention.

See how the evolving product influences user stickiness

Mitzu's cohort retention feature will enable you to visualize how the evolution of your product influenced new user retention. This is essential to determining whether your business is moving in the right direction.

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Retention for product teams

Product teams can use retention analysis to identify which features or services are most engaging. By analyzing patterns in user drop-off, your team can implement targeted improvements to mitigate these issues, enhancing overall user satisfaction. Understanding the key drivers behind user loyalty allows you to refine the onboarding processes, making sure that initial experience is as smooth as possible.

Which of our features are sticky?

How long the users keep using our app?

What is the ratio of users that churn month after month?


Retention for revenue teams

Revenue-focused teams like sales, customer success, and marketing can leverage retention analysis to pinpoint customer engagements that lead to higher retention rates. By identifying which interactions or touchpoints correlate with long-term customer loyalty, these teams can tailor their narrative to enhance customer relationships. Furthermore, Mitzu enables revenue teams to dive into the retained revenue month over month.

What is the monthly net dollar retention for our business?

How many accounts we retain month over month?

Try out an example:

Feature retention rate

Understand how users keep using the most important features for your product.

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Net dollar retention

How much revenue you retain from your existing customers month over month?

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Retention of a specific user segment

Compare how specific user segments retain.

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Monthly cohort retention

Visualize how user retention changes over time for your product or service.

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Retention per license type

How users with different subscription type retain.

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Retained number of users

Measure the total number of users that is retained month over month.

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Warehouse-native product analytics

SQL based retention

Instead of copying your data, Mitzu automatically generates SQL code with every click you make on the application.

Mitzu's SQL generation engine creates optimal queries based on your application inputs. This way, you can be sure that you always see the most up-to-date data while we can keep your cost low.

Check out our videos about retention

Retention Analysis

In this short video we are going to show-case how you can do retention analytics with Mitzu. Retention analytics essential to understand which segment of your users are returning over and over again and what features are making your product sticky.

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