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Tailored Analysis for Personalized Insights

Every user tells a unique story through their interactions and behaviors within your product. Mitzu’s Segmentation empowers you to delve deep into these stories, transcending basic demographics to uncover nuanced patterns and tendencies. By classifying users based on their actions and attributes, you can craft experiences tailored to their preferences and needs.

Discover Behavioral Insights

Decode the myriad ways users engage with your product, paving the way for enhanced user experiences and refined product strategies.

Comprehensive User Profiles

Go beyond basic demographics. From geographic inclinations to in-app behaviors, grasp the full spectrum of your user base.

Data-Driven Growth

Leverage actionable insights from segmentation to drive product enhancements, optimize user journeys, and catalyze growth.


Charting the User Journey, One Step at a Time

At Mitzu, we believe understanding the sequential steps your users take is paramount to perfecting their experience. Our Funnel illuminates the path users tread, pinpointing stages of drop-offs and conversion peaks. By visualizing this journey, you can craft more effective strategies, leading to better user retention and conversion rates.

Deep Dive into Conversions

Whether it's tracking the sign-up process or gauging the success of your latest A/B test, delve into what drives or deters user progression.

Spot the Drop-Offs

Quickly identify which stages in the journey are causing users to divert or leave, and strategize on refining those touchpoints.

Optimize for Success

Analyze both successful and unsuccessful user paths. By understanding where they converge and diverge, you can influence user behaviors more effectively, nudging them towards desired outcomes.


Harnessing the Power of Continued Engagement

In a digital landscape where acquiring a user is only half the battle, Mitzu underscores the value of retaining them. Our Retention module helps you decode patterns of engagement over time, spotlighting how consistently users find value in your offering. With the ability to track and analyze user cohorts, you're equipped to make strategic decisions that boost long-term commitment and fuel growth.

Pulse on Engagement

Track active users over custom time frames. Whether it's two weeks post-signup or specific activity durations, understand the ebb and flow of user engagement.

Detailed Retention Views

From table charts to curves, visualize retention rates across different periods, adapting to the nuances of your user base.

Campaign Impact Assessment

Measure the efficacy of acquisition or engagement drives. By linking campaigns to retention insights, you gain insights into which strategies truly resonate.


Unlock Deeper Insights with Advanced Cohorts Analysis

Discover the power of precise segmentation with our Cohorts feature. Transform raw data into actionable insights by tracking user behavior over time.

Enhanced User Segmentation

With Cohorts, you can segment users based on their actions, preferences, and engagement levels. This tailored approach helps you understand diverse user groups, enabling you to make data-driven decisions for targeted marketing, product development, and customer experience improvements.

Behavioral Trends & Patterns Identification

Track how specific groups of users interact with your product over time. Cohorts reveal crucial behavioral patterns, such as feature adoption rates, churn likelihood, and engagement trends. These insights are invaluable for optimizing user experience and increasing retention.

Data-Driven Product Evolution

Leverage Cohorts to measure the impact of new features, updates, or changes in your product. By analyzing how different user segments react to these changes, you can iteratively refine your product, ensuring it evolves in line with user needs and preferences.


Your Data Storyboard

Mitzu's Dashboards serve as the command center for your data-driven narratives. It's where key insights converge, presenting a holistic view of product performance. Whether it's for personal tracking or aligning a team around KPIs, our dashboards adapt to offer real-time insights paired with the depth you desire. Elevate the analytics experience by sharing dashboards that don't just display data, but tell its story.

One Glance, Many Insights

Integrate different analyses such as Insights, Flows, Funnels, and Retention into a unified view. It's all your pivotal insights, cohesively displayed.

Collaborative & Shareable

Craft personal or project-based dashboards, then share with your team. Keeping everyone aligned and informed has never been this effortless.

Deep Dive Ready

Every insight on the dashboard has a story. And with Mitzu's intuitive interface, diving deeper into any insight is just a click away.

SQL Native

Unveil the Power of Your Data, Directly at Its Source

Dive into a seamless analytics experience with Mitzu's SQL Native feature. As you craft your insight through our intuitive interface, Mitzu autonomously constructs the corresponding SQL queries to interact with your data right within your own data warehouse. There's no detour—your data remains in your domain, ensuring both enhanced security and real-time insight accessibility.

Immediate SQL Generation

Experience a real-time, bidirectional workflow. Each adjustment you make in the insight on our frontend reflects instantly in the SQL query, keeping you in the loop at every step.

Your Warehouse, Your Control

Mitzu connects directly to your data warehouse, executing queries on-site. Your data never leaves your perimeter, upholding the integrity and security of your data ecosystem.

No SQL, No Problem

You don’t have to be an SQL expert to dive deep into your data. Our user-friendly interface translates your analytical curiosity into robust SQL queries, democratizing data exploration across your team.

Easy Integration

Leap from Sign-Up to Insights in Moments, Not Days

In a world where time is of the essence, Mitzu stands out with its rapid integration capability, designed to get you started on your data analysis journey almost instantaneously. Forget about long onboarding processes; with a simplistic 5-step integration flow, you can establish a connection to Mitzu in under five minutes post sign-up. Our intelligent tool autonomously discovers event tables and events, laying the groundwork for your exploratory venture into data.

Swift Setup

The clock doesn't tick away your valuable time with Mitzu. From the moment you sign up, the intuitive onboarding flow guides you to a complete setup in under five minutes. It's about instant gratification paired with insightful data exploration.

Autonomous Discovery

Our tool's smart engineering scans through your data infrastructure to autonomously identify event tables and events. This seamless auto-discovery feature means you're not starting from scratch; you're steps ahead from the get-go.

Straightforward 5-Step Flow

A clear, concise, and straightforward 5-step integration flow ensures you're well on your way to diving into data analysis. Each step is designed to be intuitive, eliminating any barriers to entry and kick-starting your journey into insightful analytics.

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